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Increase frequency of Outlook offline address book download

Julian123 asked
I am currently running Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010 clients against Exchange 2010. I want updates to the OAB, such as users leaving the company, to show up more quickly than a day or two. I understand how to increase the frequency of the OAB generation on the Exchange side but not for Outlook.

I understand it is possible to manually select "download address book" in Outlook but I have hundreds of users so I need something that will automate this.

Thanks very much for your help
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Is there a way to push send/receive groups down to all outlook clients using group policy that download the OAB regularly?
SaakarSenior Technical Consultant

Set-OABVirtualDirectory "OAB (Default Web Site)" -PollInterval <number in minutes>

Should help!!


Thanks but that's when CAS boxes download the OAB from the server generating it. I"m asking about Outlook.
in your outlook client, check to disable Exchange cache mode.

This will make client, keep contacting the server for update

just give it a try, it may help; but may consume more bandwidth. test with one client as a start

Sorry, there is no way to have the outlook client dowload it more often, except having the user download manually the adress book.