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DOS printing not working on a XEROX 6015, but working on XEROX 5230

mberryaz asked
I am having an issue with a client that is still using a dos based program.  For printing I have had them use a mapped LPT1 port which works great with every single printer in the office.  THey replaced one printer with a Xerox workcentre 6015, and that printer will never print using this method.  When I change the mapping to print to a Xerox workcentre 5230, or anyother printer in the office it works without a problem.  does anyone have any advice?  The network connection to this printer is working as well as normal windows printing.
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Most DOS programs need a printer that can emulate old printer drivers, like proprinter or hp laserjet printers. When I compare the specs of the 2 printers you listed the older 5230 supports many more OS's, and it supports the following printer languages:

PCL® 5e
PCL® 6
Adobe® Postscript® 3™ (optional)

I can't find any of those features on the other printer, so I don't think you can use it for printing from DOS. Maybe you'll have to check with Xerox support though.
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The Xerox WorkCentre 6015 is a "Host-based" printer.  That means the page generation software is in each computer as the printer driver.  You can not do a DOS print to any of the "host based" printers from any manufacturer except for simple text.  The "host based" drivers do not understand anything like PCL and take their info from the operating systems print formatter.

Simply put, you can't print directly to them, they don't even understand plain text.
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