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How to verify a Windows Server Backup?

I have Admin access to a Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise server that is currently in production use. Unfortunately, there has not been a backup/recovery solution in place on this server.

I just took a system state backup during the evening using the Windows Server Backup Feature. How can I verify the restoration process, without affecting the current, running server?

I was thinking about copying the backup image to a new location, creating a VM image in VMware Workstation 7, and seeing if I could restore to a test server instance.

Would this work? Any other ideas to verify?
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You can take a look here

You need the Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise DVD
Or you and try to boot your backup but instead vmware use hyper-v or virtual pc from microsoft because the backup extension is vhd and not vmdk


I'm getting an error when attempting to restore, but I think it is partition related. I think your link is the way to go about the recovery test. Thanks!