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Access MDB file running in Access 2007 very slow on Windows 7 Machine, but not XP Machine after moving data to new server

jrogersok asked
We have a client/server application with an Access front-end (MDB) and a SQL Server Back-end.  We just moved the data to a new SQL Server machine as the old server was failing.  Problem is that on client machines who are running Windows 7 the database is EXTREMELY slow.  For example, a user selects a record from a list box on a form and then a subform displays with related records.  On the XP machine, the refresh is a split second; on the Windows 7 machine, the refresh takes about 1-2 minutes.

This just started happening after we moved the data.  Any suggestions?

Oh, and we are using Access 2007 however the file is a MDB

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You can have many problems. You should determine - is problem in network or in Access.
At first check following:
follow links in this discussion


Thanks I'll forward the info to the technician.     I think the user perhaps had Windows 7 before the problem began which was after the data was moved from one server to another and the Windows registry was changed to match the new OBDC driver to talk to the server tables.  

Thoughts on this anyone?....


Actually, he just got the Widnows 7 last Friday.  Didn't have issues before then, but we've got 2 new pieces to track - Windows 7 and the data being moved to a new server.

I have found that anti-virus can have a huge impact on Access db's. Try making an exclusion or turning A/V off temporarily to see if it makes any difference.
I was able to solve the problem by re-writing some code to refresh one of the suborms.  We also had some issues with subform calculations that work in XP but not 7.  Had to rewrite some code there as well, so we now have two front-end versions -- one for Windows XP and one for Windows 7.

Thanks for all your help!


Was able to solve the problem -- issues regarding how Windows 7 and XP react differently with Access 2007.


Solution provided.