Dynamics GP - Deleting Tax Schedules

Can tax schedule id's in Dynamics GP be deleted?  I don't see a way to mark them inactive and i would like for them to not appear in the drop down list when a user is selecting a Ship to Tax ID Schedule.  Thank you
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No dear, entities schedules are used to limit the entities that can be used in one transaction. When you use Tax Schedule US001 in a Sales Invoice for example, GP fetches the Tax IDs linked to US001 Tax Schedule and limit your selection to one of the related IDs. This is the only job Tax Schedule does.
Dynamics GP -> Tools -> Setup -> Company -> Tax Schedules; select the schedule and press delete.
jnikodymAuthor Commented:
I know i can delete it.  My question is will this cause any issues in the system with the history of orders that used a tax schedule that i deleted?
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