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Windows SBS2003

Ware-Admin asked
I am trying to unistall Exchange 2003 that resides on a Windows SBS 2003 server. I do not have access to the install discs for SBS 2003 and apparently i need them to complete the removal. Is there a location that I can download the ISOs for this. Or is there another way around the issue?
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Should not be necessary to uninstall it.  Either don't use it, or stop and diable all the services.  IMO, best to just not use it except for its abiltity to send the performance and usage reports.

In fact, it is usually recommended that you not uninstall it, so why do you wish to?
Is this a migration scenario or you want to continue with SBS 2003 but don't want exchange in there?? There are ways to fix both. Simpler to give the right one  if you can specify.


I want to completely remove the SBS Server form the domain. If I can get 2 functioning DCs then I can just demote the SBS server
If you are looking to demote the sbs server from the domain then your best bet would be to migrate. Either just exchange or full server migration(as u prefer).

Here is a simple guide:


the guide is for sbs to sbs migration but i have followed it for dozens of sbs to Std. server migrations with my customers.

If you just want to forcibly remove the exchange server from domain see this:

How to completely remove Exchange 2000 or Exchange 2003 from Active Directory


How to remove Exchange Server 2003 from your computer(last two options)