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Type of graphics card for trading application.

sidartra asked
We are implementing a financial trading application which requires 6 x 22" screens (1680x1050 each).

The plan is to get entry level dual or quad display cards e.g. 3 x Nvidia NVS295 256MB as there are minimal video or 3D processing, just text and chart display (maybe some Bloomberg 300x200 video streaming).

However the vendor is saying we require at least a mid level graphics card e.g. Nvidia Quadro 600 1GB card.

Any comments about why I might need to get the mid level Quadro 600 card?

We will be running Dell Precision T5500, Dual Xeon 4Core CPU, 12GB ram, 2x146GB SAS Raid0, Windows 7 Pro x64bit.

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Top Expert 2012
If you're just displaying 2D, the entry level cards should work fine.  The Quadro cards are for CAD and OpenGL applications, so your rep doesn't know what he's talking about.  Vendors frequently bundle higher level cards with their more powerful systems, but if you don't need them, you shouldn't be forced to buy them.
Does the application use CUDA to accelerate its calculations?  That could explain the need for what's apparently better graphics if it is actually using the graphics card as a fast maths co-processor.