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Active Directory 2008

joensw asked

Everywhere on the internet when I read about the FSMO roles it is written that after it is seized the FSMO role can not be transferred back to its original server because when we  bring it back online, there will be multiple holders of the role.
Can i seize the Schema Master and then I try to transfer it back ?
and what'is the roles can be reseized and transfere it back ?

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Any FSMO role can be seized.  For more information on seizing FSMO roles, check out this KB article - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/255504
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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No roles can be SEIZED *AND* Transferred back.  When you SEIZE it's because the currently assigned server is failing.  Seizure FORCES a new server to take on the role while the old server THINKS it has the roles (assuming it's functional AT ALL).  Bring back up the old server and now - as you seem to know - you have TWO with the roles.  You CANNOT transfer the new server back to the old because the old ALREADY thinks it is the holder.

I suppose you MIGHT be able to temporarily install another DC with the "failed" server that you recovered so that you could relatively gracefully demote it, but I can't imagine a scenario where this would be wise and adviseable.

Perhaps if you explained what you were trying to do and why you think it's the best way of doing it for your environment, we can help you better.
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You only need to seize the FSMO roles when the box that held them is "dead" not coming back online or offline for an extend period (could rebuild it at that point)

Why not transfer them gracefully...you can do that as many times as you need to.


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...also the two you don't ever want to bring back online are the RID and Schema master after you seize.  Most people have multiple FSMOs on a DC so the general recommendation is if you need to seize roles then delte/metadata cleanup that original FSMO role hold.

and again we are talking about seizing not a graceful/normal transfer.


ok mkline71  
the only two roles  the RID and Schema master canbring back online after reseize