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Protecting Files from Internal threats

I am trying to protect about 25 files. excel documents, pdfs, word, .tiffs to name a few.

I need these files to be able to be accessed and used, but what I dont want to happen is the following.

Delete the files
Rename the files
Copy the files
Email the files out
Prevent them from being moved to removable media

Anythingthing else that I cant think of. Most people just need to be able to open them and view the data but not change the data.

I've read about DLP solutions but they are network wide and I wanted to narrow it down to 25 files being protected and no tthe whole network. I just simply need to protect them from within.

Any Ideas?
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You can achieve everything you described (except for copying and moving) by modifying file level permissions. If you change the files permissions to read only, the files cannot be modified. But if you can read it, you can copy it.
Delete the files -> do this via file/folder permissions
Rename the files -> do this via file/folder permissions

>Copy the files
>Email the files out
>Prevent them from being moved to removable media

for this i suggest this tool:


if you install it on your clients, you can crypt the files on the fly. the user will not notice anything.
there is no additional work for the user. the user says "crypt" and even if somebody copy/mail or usb´s the file, he cant do anything with it, because he cant read something. this is the ONLY way to archive this.
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