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Allow Internet access through server without network authentication

I want to allow guests to have wireless access to the internet through the same device employees will access the internet and authenticate to the network.

As it is now, you can access the network and internet when logged on as an authenticated user, but if you are not a member of the network you can connect to the wireless, but do not have internet access.

I could bypass the server by connecting the wireless directly to the ISP's router, but then network users would not have access.
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Top Expert 2012
That really doesn't make any sense since you should be able to access the  router without any access to the server unless your server is the router.

I would consider not opening the ability to have guests to be on the same network as your local network anyways this can be a security flaw that can be a bad idea. I would get another wireless access point set this up with another SID and connect this directly to  your ISP
Computer Service Technician
I agree this would be a very serious security issue to your company data if you permitted guest to use the same network as your local network, especially if you allow an non-encripted access via a wireless access point. Anyone who was able to access your network via the wireless accesspoint could easily break into your business network and do serious damage or steal information. A person may even be in their car with a laptop and hack into your system as long as the wireless signal is strong enough for them to log on. I would definitely consider connecting a second wireless accesspoint directly to the ISP router, as dariusg mentioned. Both the employees and the guests should be able to connect the internet if it is setup this way, and you would be protecting your company as well.