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Looking for info on setting up a stock/portfolio tracking worksheet (or access)

Bruj asked
I think I have the hardpart done and that is getting the info from Yahoo.
What I am looking to do is to set up a workbook that will get me info, and chart that info every x amount of minutes in the given day, then at the end of the day, to archive the latest price,  and then give me a chart of the current week/month/years data for either the complete portfolio, or a given stock.
I have been looking and I am certain that there are workbooks out there that do this, but I have not been able to find them.

I can either roll my own if needed, but I am not sure of the best way to lay out the data, or use an existing one (preferably with unlocked VBA - even if I need to register it, I like to be able to modify things)
So, I am either looking for design suggestions, or an already made workbook, either one.

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This issue here with using Excel to do this is that there are dozens of off-the-shelf programs that will already do this (and many other functions needed for stock/portfolio tracking)

Many people who design there own excel systems to do this have proprietary functionality included, so you can see why they would not give this away...

So you could "roll your own", but why bother...

In any event, I am sure there is an Excel Expert who may be able to assist...



Jeff, there are many, and I do use Quicken, but I want to have the charting capability to show what is happening during the day and then also historically, Quicken is very poor at that, and I have not found any thing that quite does what I am looking for. I DO want to use Excel or Access and I do like to modify if it is not just rght.

als315, I have looked at the templates and it looks good for keeping the current and the purchase price, but it is the history, I am not realy sure how I should lay this out.
Should I do each stock and days results on its on line, or should I set it up with all of the stocks on 1 daily line.
I have not found any samples/others that keep an ongoing price history, and thats one of the things I want to do, both every 15 minutes for "today" and then also the days end
I have not done any charting before either, but I would like to chart the overall value, and then the per stock (separte charts)
Ideally, I would like to have a customer ticker with the current price AND my market value for each.

I DO have the download portion working, just not sure what the best way to record history info... Thats the biggest issue right now

Excel is not the best product for history data. You should think about some database (Access etc.). Try to search in Access templates.
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