Delete Contact "Subfolder" from Outlook 2010


I created a few test "subfolders" under my contacts in Outlook 2010. I could delete some of them, but 2 of them will not go away. When I select them and choose 'delete' nothing happens. I have started Outlook with the /cleanviews switch thingking that might be the issue, but no luck. New profile did not help either. Any ideas?

Thank you,
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Are you running in cache mode? If so, turn cahce mode off and start outlook. See if subfolders are still there.
abaskettAuthor Commented:
Just checked - not in cached mode.
Can you go to OWA and see if you can delete the subfolder there?

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abaskettAuthor Commented:
Thank you! That put me on the right track. I was unable to delete the contacts there as well, but I did get an error that helped solve the problem. It said that "The folder couldn't be deleted. This may have occurred because a folder with the same name already exists in the Deleted Items folder."
That was the case - Going forward I need to either clear my deleted items folder more often or come up with more creative names than 'Test1'    :^)

Thanks again!
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