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JNI, Java and C Best Practices

cgray1223 asked

I'm using SWIG to generate my JNI layer for a large set of C APIs and I was wondering what is the best practices for the below situations.  The below not only pertain to SWIG but JNI in general.  

When C functions return pointers to Structures, should the SWIG interface file (JNI logic) be heavily used or should C wrapper functions be created to return the data in pieces (i.e. a char array that contains the various data elements)?
When C Functions return void* should the C APIs be modified to return the actual data type, whether it be primitive or structure types?
I'm unsure if I want to add a mass amount of logic and create a middle layer (SWIG interface file/JNI logic). Thoughts?
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Awarded 2011

don't know if you lloked at this article:

cannot say if it answerd your specific questions, but seems to havbe a lot of wisdom about JNI