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How do you break a multipage tiff file to individual tiff files?

Need help from the experts, I have 45 MB Multi Page Tiff files, is there a utility or a way where I can break this to an indvidual page tiff files?

Thanks for any help or suggestions
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I am trying the Image Magick as you mentioned, but I am hanging on the 64 bit version for Windows 7.   I am now trying the Windows XP 32 bit version , see if it will work, any tips?

I am using the command

convert multipage.tif singlepage%d.tif
Okay Image Magick did not work whether 32 bit or 64 bit.  Found another program that works its called Irfanview 4.30.   This program was able to both view and extract the TIF images.   Thanks for the help


The suggested solution was not working, there was also no followup to help me thru.  Found the solution by myself