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win2k server: Cannot access ADUC, says server is not operational

This is the first time I am logging on to a client' domain controller. I need to create users but cannot access ADUC. I get an error message saying: Naming information cannot be located because:
The server is not operational

in the event viewer I get a eventID: 1000, Userenv,
Windows cannot determine the user or computer name. Return Value (1727)

I am assuming that this is some kind of DNS issue. It's been a long time since I touched a 2k server, please help.
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If from your PC, yes, it sounds like a name resolution problem.
If you're actually logged into the DC, maybe perms issue. Or I supposed it could still be DNS problem, but would probably be wreaking havoc.

Check your DNS settings with IPCONFIG /ALL

Ping the DNS server... OK?
Ping the domain name, ex: ping ACME.LOCAL. OK?

IPCONFIG /Flushdns
Ping again....

IPCONFIG /Displaydns

Tracert -d SERVER

Try all of that with and without the FQDN. Server.acme.local vs. Server


Thank you for your input!
I ended setting up local users and suggested that they update their domain controller to a newer os, in which they agreed. I may need to refer to this thread when I go through with the migration. I appreciate the help very much!