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Citrix Receiver on iPad With No Apple ID

mvalencia2003 asked
Is it possible to get Citrix Receiver installed on an iPad or iPhone without having an Apple ID?
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To my knowledge you have to have an Apple ID/iTunes to install anything on an iPad. I don't believe you can even turn the iPad on the first time without connecting it to iTunes (unless you jailbreak it, of course).

Here's an article on it:



new iOS 5, no need to connect device to PC with iTunes...
iOS 5 gives you OTA updates from Apple and WiFi-sync'ing, but as far as I know you still have to hook it into iTunes.



for argument sake - theres no way to install it without an Apple ID?


Thanks for the feedback... - and yes Apple ID is needed for App install on iOS devices...

Yes, you can install software on iDevices without bowing down to Apple's iWorld.  Look at some of the provisioning tools officially supported by Apple (like iPhone Configuration Utility) or the various unsupported jailbreak tools.

The problem (and what I'm running into right now that ran me into this thread) is actually finding the download.  Citrix has bought into Apples tiny iMinds, and is only making the receiver available through the Apple store.

If you have a D&B number, you can sign up for the Apple "volume purchase" program to download apps for enterprise distribution.