multiple copies of contacts in Outlook 2010

Hi guys... I bought a new laptop and upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2010.  After I setup my computer and installed office I imported my PST files from my old computer.  Now I have two copies of Personal Folders.  I am ok with that but now I have two copies of contacts which makes me crazy.  See Attached.  Anyway, Outlook 2010 will not let me delete either Contacts list.  I have attached  screeen shot.  Has anyone else seen this before?


Tim Duplicate Contacts
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IMO, this is now available both in OL2k7 and OL2010

Both on these verions of Outlook,when you have the PST files with the Contacts and Calendar folders, we have them appearing the contacts and calendar views.
Right click on the one You want to delete
Choose Properties\
Click on OUtlook Address Book Tab
Untick show as Email Address Book
Then delete the contacts
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