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iPhone contacts

tolinrome asked
A user removed his activesync account and recreated it. He lost all of his personal contacts, he still has his Exchange (Outlook) contacts. is there anyway to recover these contacts? Shouldnt there be a copy of them in iTunes?
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Is there a recent backup for the users phone in iTunes?


does it backup automatically when you connect the iphone to itunes? If so then yes. I need to contact the user to see if they connected their iphone to itunes recently. Doesnt the iphone synch everytime you connect it to itunes, isnt that a "backup"?
It will only back up if you tell it to. You have to hooked up to iTunes, you can click on the phone that pops up under devices and somewhere in there you cna browse the recent backups. It's a backup of the state of the phone, and I don't think there is a way to get just the contacts back. I would restore that backup if you have no other options.

Just a quick question, what does the outlook .pst file look like? Was he in an exchange environment?