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IE8 and IE9 TMP File Associations

nasupport asked

When downloading a PDF file from an information database, a .TMP extension is assigned to the file.  In IE9, I cannot choose "Open" because the file type is unknown.  In IE8, I can choose "Open" because in shows that (even though it is a TMP file), it is a file that is supposed to open with Adobe Reader.

IE9 Download
In IE9, I can choose "Save As..." and put in the .PDF extension, but this is not a sufficient work around, as this is going to grow into a bigger problem.

NOTE: the version of Adobe does not seem to have any affect (Acrobat 7, Reader 9, Reader X).

How can get IE9 to interpret the TMPs from this database the way IE8 interprets them?
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Top Expert 2013
Just set the file association of .tmp to Internet Explorer in default programs of the control panel.




Since the file type is unknown, one of my options when I try to open it is to "Select a program from list....".  I am concerned that if I associate .TMP with Internet Explorer, other non-PDF tmp files may be incorrectly associated.

Any thoughts?
Top Expert 2013

certainly there is that danger. But it is no different for other file types.  My html and PHP files open with a browser by default, but I can right click to open with other programs like editors or a browser other the default browser.  The association defines a default but should not prevent the files being open with something other than the default.