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Easy build-up/ tear-down cloud computing instance

This is follow-on question.  I was very impressed with the experts responding to the last issue...
WIth diagram enclosed (hope you can read it), I would like file sharing/collaboration between any given pair of offices to be built "on-demand".  Then when that session is complete, automatic tear-down of that file sharing instance.  (I'm paranoid and don't like my data sitting in the cloud too long even if they guarantee protection.)  For example, Office A wants to connect and share files and colloborate and all that with Office C.  Either office can initiate.  Then the "cloud" provides an encrypted link from each office to a virtual file server.  Once the session is complete, which can be minutes or hours or days or weeks, that file server goes away as well as the office vpn connections to it.  Process starts all over again once another pair of offices (or more than two) want to collaborate.
Who can do that??  And how do I get that service?
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If you are searching for military like protection for your files while they are in the cloud you might like to take a look at:


I know some huge consulting firm is using it so that might be an efficient solution and a bit cheaper than developing your own.
AWS CloudFormation supports your scenario.
You define an "application stack" that includes all of the resources, security and configuration choices for the application, and the deployment is done for all of the components in a single CloudFormation instance.

When you tear it down - all of the resources are methodically removed.
Using CloudFormation you first create an application stack description file and save it on your disk or in Amazon S3 storage. You can define a Linux server (or two), run initialization scripts on the server, define ACL and network rules that are specific for your case. At deployment time you provide the application stack description file to Amazon and tell them to create the resources mentioned.
When you want to tear it down you either use a script with the CloudFormation ID or use the AWS web console to indicte that everything must stop.

See http://aws.amazon.com/cloudformation


YEs, that indeed looks very similar to what I would like.
I also found a company Zyatta that I think allows one to virtualize a network (virtual routers, virtual firewalls)  build an on-demand secure connection between offices for data traffic.  I'm wondering if you have experience with them.

Also wondering if there is an AWS CloudFormation-like prroduct available in Rackspace or TerreMark offerings.
There are companies like Ylastic and RightScale that (for a monthly fee) let you build, manage and deploy application stacks on multiple cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon and  RackSpace.
I have not heard of Zyatta before so can't say anything about them.


Thanks I'll look at them.
That was a typo on my part.  It's Vyatta, not Zyatta.  Sorry.  Evern here of them?  
Vyatta is a bit of an overkill, unless you are a cloud provider yourself, or unless you have very complex/strict requirements.

Maybe you can use it to create an on demand VPN link between the offices and the shared storage.


That is exactly what I would like to try.  Vyatta seems to be the only product that allows me to build on demand VPN links between offices.  There is a free limited package that I could download.  It appears from their website that it only works with Amazon???  I would also like to explore using it with Rackspace or another provider.

Do I need to be already subscribed to Amazon (or another given provider) to use these product or does that happen as part of using these products (Vyatta, Ylastic, Rightscale)?
Try this product

and also this, although it is intended for regular enterprise deployments it might work if the environment is not too dynamic

Vyatta, Ylastic and RightScale provide management services but do not provide the actual infrastructure.
You still have to be a rackspace or amazon customer.


Excellent.  Thank you.  I put in an email question to Vyatta and haven't heard back, but do you know if it is possible for any of those services to work across more than one platform?  For example if I have one office where users are on Amazon and another office (actually a contractor's office in California) where they are on Rackspace or Terremark...   I think probably not but just wondering...
I don't see why not. After all these are pure software solutions and as such do not really care where the virtual machine runs.


Thank you.