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DOS  Batch file for Drive space & large files

AndyPandy asked
I searched for this extensively and surprisingly couldn't find.
I need a DOS batch file to run from the command window to provide a quick view of:
Disk Letter
Disk Capacity,
Disk Available
Listing  of the Large files (over 10GB) & their path and size, in descending size order.
Output in field width format.
One drive is fine,  but all drives is a bonus.
I would think everyone supporting application on a wide variety of customers and envrionments would need this.
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AmitIT Architect
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try tree view tool
Personally I'd use treesize, free version is fine.... http://www.jam-software.com/freeware/ or of course you can use explorer to do a search.

This function of mine here:


Will find the 20 biggest files under a directory structure in two different ways and could soon be adapted to pull out rather than the top 20, all those over a certain size.

I use diruse from windows resource kit for listing large files

example diruse p:\ /M /S /D /Q:10000

Searching for directories that have exceeded 10000 megabytes
    Size (mb)  Files  Directory
!    21999.39      7  P:\ISO\Adobe\CS5
!    16611.39      7  P:\ISO\ArcGIS
!    14776.80      8  P:\ISO\Microsoft
!    24461.00      8  P:\ISO\Microsoft\Server
!    28669.45     11  P:\ISO\Microsoft\Windows7
!   196223.04  131833  SUB-TOTAL: P:\ISO

!   196223.04  131833  TOTAL: P:\ISO

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It isn't going to be fast, but you should be able to use the WMIC command to locate all files on a disk larger than a specified size, as in:

wmic datafile where "filesize > 2000000" get path