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Renaming Sun Microsystems


Here is my question;

I have two Sun Microsystems V480 systems running Solaris 10. One machine is named PIN10 the other is PIN09.

I removed the disk drives from PIN10 then I took the two disk drives from PIN09 and placed them in PIN10 to eliminate PIN10.

The problem is that the Sun System PIN10 with the drives from PIN09 still has the name of PIN10.

Where or what is the setting to rename the Sun system to PIN09 from PIN10?

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Sun Microsystems running OS solaris 10
Sr. Network / Systems Admin
It still has that name esentially because you are still running PIN10's Solaris install on different hardware.
You just need to change the host name, and then update any local DNS accordingly.

To change the host name, edit these, and reastart

1. /etc/hosts
2. /etc/nodename
3. /etc/hostname.<interface name>

If you need to change the IP address also, to match PIN09,  edit and restart -
1. /etc/hosts
2. /etc/inet/ipnodes
A couple of place to look:

/etc/hostname.*  (where * is the network interface)

Some DNS configuration files if have.

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