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Toshiba C660 Laptops

discoveranother asked
Toshiba C660 laptops come installed with Windows 7. However, the company I work for wish to have Windows XP installed at the moment, for consistency. Licenses have been provided. However, having downloaded drivers from the Toshiba website for XP Pro, the mouse driver occasionally freezes and the Atheros wireless driver 'disappears' upon booting into windows. BIOS is current version. There have been 30 laptops imaged and most are having this problem. Its becoming desperate, any advice much appreciated.
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Did you update the chipset/motherboard drivers? If not please do so and test.

"Atheros wireless driver 'disappears' "

Do you mean that it 'disappears' in the Device Manager?


Yes, once logged into Windows, the wireless card does not show either in network connections or device manager.

A reboot brings it back, but sometimes upon booting up it disappears again !

Has the latest chipset drivers installed.

I would try replacing the wireless adapter or maybe swap the adapters from a laptop that works properly to see if the problem moves with the adapter.


Resolved the issue on some laptops