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SBS2011 RPC services stop and become unreachable over the network

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We are running a SBS2011 server and it has been running great for a month. Recently we installed an AV on the SBS but it is being managed by another server on the network. Shortly (about 3 days to a Week) after the install the users were complaining about slow network drive connection on the SBS server. Then the complaints escalated and user loose connection to their remote drive located on the SBS server. You are then unable to log into the server and when we logged on locally we saw and error for the Remote Procedure Call services stopping inappropriately. The services would not start back so the server was then rebooted and this resolved the user outage. This has happened 3 times since the Anti Virus was installed. I specifically didn't put the AV Brand in this request to see if anyone has had the same or similar issue with Any AV if you need specifics on the Brand please ask and I will provide.
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If it's Symantec End Point, Only install the virus end of the package, not the network intrusion end.  I had the same issue with an SBS 2003 client and Endpoint 11, when I removed the Endpoint client from the server, rebooted, installed just the virus protection with out network intrusion.  It worked great.
Comman issue with ost AV's
Look for TDI drivers for you AV software.Ask you AV vendor.
Update to the latest SP for the OS.
on the command prompt type fltmc.
check the filter drivers and disable them from registry by chnaging the start value to 4.
HKLM\System\Current Control Set\Services\(name of the filter driver)
Do a search and make sure you do not disable the microsoft filter divers which show up in the FLTMC list.


I wanted to think both of you for you input I ended up removing the AV and instantly my users reported better performance. I will give them a week or so then install it again this time with the suggested tweaks. I had checked the AV product site and found nothing about my issue or symptoms there with regards to known issues and updating the software and the OS was up to date. My AV had some network components which I feel are the root cause based on my end users complaints. Thanks again for your assistance.

Great!  Good luck