Maintain table formatting when copying and pasting from MS Word

I'm trying to copy various tables from one MS Word document into multiple new Word documents.  The master tables in the document from which I'm copying the tables has the table borders set to "none" (i.e. the table prints without borders).  The problem is that when I paste any of the tables into a new Word document, the table loses the border formatting and then shows all borders. I'm running MS Office XP (2002) with all software updates installed.  

I'll be doing this for years to come so I would like to figure out how to make this work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Have you tried using the 'Paste Special' command and trying the various formats that are available?
Do you select the whole table, including end of row marks?

Try to select table either by:
- clicking on the little square which appears on the top left corner of the table when cursor is over the table
- selecting rows of the table (cursor on the left margin in the height of the first row, and then select by dragging with pressed left mouse button).

The problem is that users often select cells instead of whole rows, and the formatting can be saved in rows, too.

You can see end of rows marks by displaying invisible characters - icon has a ¶ sign.
DarinOBrienAuthor Commented:
My apologies for the long delay on this posting!  My email was routing EE responses to spam and I didn't know it!

I've tried "Paste Special" (which is more painful than just cntrl-v) but that didn't help.  

Yes, I'm selecting the WHOLE table including row marks.  In fact I'm selecting more than the table.  I've got text both above and below the table that I have to select and paste into the new document.  Is it possible that I'm somehow selecting too much?

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Next try: what is your Table AufoFormat? Should be without borders...?

Table Autoformat is in Table menu...

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Eric FletcherCommented:
Formatting is "based on" an underlying style so if the target document has different attributes for the same named style coming from the source document, the target will appear different. Newer versions of Word have made this less difficult to manage, and the additional options for Paste Special are much easier to understand.
DarinOBrienAuthor Commented:
Changing the Table Autoformat to no borders fixed the problem.

Thanks much!

Now I've gotta figure out how to keep the EE emails from going to deleted items folder in Outlook :-).
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