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IIS Loging options with Windows 2008 R2 (IIS 7)

We just had a situation on one of our Exchange 2010 CAS/Hub Transport servers where we almost ran out of C: drive space. After doing some checking, I found the culprit to be the IIS logs. The log directory had over 62GB of logs dating back almost 2 years. I deleted a lot of the older logs to free up some disk space. I checked the settings under IIS for logging and they are not very flexible. I was hoping there would be an option to flush logs after a certain amount of days. The only option I see is Disable. I would like to do some logging I guess but I don't want to baby sit this directory all the time either. Logging is enabled by default but is it better to just disable it and turn it on when you need it? If it needs to run all the time, is there something I can do to keep the amount of disk space it takes up to a minimum like circular logging with Exchange.
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There are no built in options to delete the logs.

Also I would zip the logs up first they are plain text and compress 95% I would do that rather than delete.

For more details about why you should save some logs see here.


Move the logs to another drive. If you run of out disc space on the system drive (C:\) there will be problems.

If you need a tool to move logs around to another server, compress then IISLogs is a great tool