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android - center and control the appearance of controls

I have several text views and button on my android..how do I cantrol the layour of these controls so they are centered on the phones screen etc....
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Head of SW Development
You can achieve centering by using RelativeLayout. Here is a full example:


Just put everything you want centered on the RelativeLayout and set the layout_centerInParent to true.

There are properties for each which you may use to make you view appear in the center.

Properties like android:layout_gravity which takes many options like center, center_vertical, center_horizontal | bottom etc. You may use an option that suits your requirement.

Also, for RelativeLayout, you have android:layout_centerInParent property.


okay I have an image I need to cetner in the middel of the screen..and I see that with embedding layoutcenterinparent = true inside the relative layout....but it cuts my image off..I need shrink the image itself inside android or im going to have to go back to the image editor outside android and shrink the image and then drop it back into the android...