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Exchange 2010 Lagged copy of DB

kam_uk asked

We are running Exchange 2010 SP1 in a pre-prod environment. We have 20 DB's in the DAG, each with 5 copies - one of which is a lag copy of that DB. I am looking to perform a restore using the lagged copy.

I had some questions:

1. Is there a Powershell command I can run to find out what the lagged copy for a particular DB is and where it is located?

2. In the Technet article we are taking a VSS copy of the DB. Do we then run the commands on the VSS copy version of the actual lagged copy?

3. What is the difference between taking a VSS copy of the lag DB and simply copy and pasting to another location?

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Top Expert 2010
1. get-mailboxdatabasecopystatus should give you some information. I don't have a DAG set up at the moment to test, though.
2. The technet article recommends taking a VSS of the Lagged database so you can preserve its state in the event of an error. That step isn't required, but it can be helpful.
3. A VSS copy can make restoration a little easier and save some space. You only need to use a small amount of storage for a VSS copy versus requiring double the space to just copy the database to another location.