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Cisco PIX 515e running os V6.3.5 syslog setup

steuby33 asked
We have a Cisco PIX 515e running cisco os V6.3.5.  Our goal is to add a line of code(logging permit-hostdown) so the PIX will allow inbound and outbound traffic and not stop functioning when the syslog server is unavailable to the PIX 515e.  So far, it doesn't look like 6.3.5 supports the PERMIT argument in the LOGGING command.  Is upgrading the os on the PIX the solution or is there another way to keep alive internal Internet access even when the PIX can't write or access the syslog server?  We're using the latest version of Kiwi for our syslog server.  
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Network Architect
Looks like that command was introduced in 7.0 code.  I would upgrade if you can.


We can upgrade, but the PIX 515e is our primary router and we are trying to avoid upgrading at this point if we can.  If upgrading is the only way to use the PERMIT argument in the LOGGING command, then we'll have to go to 7.0.  Thank you for your help.

If you log to a syslog server with udp instead of tcp, you should not have that problem since the Firewall cant and wont confirm of the existence of such service