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WinPE, ImageX capture error

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When I use my WinPE boot disc, the boot takes me through a regular Windows startup as far as I can tell.

1) I open an elevated command prompt, map to my share with ease.
2) when I type:

d:\imagex.exe /capture c: r:\captures\baseimage.wim "Base Image" /compress fast /verify

3) I get an error 32 on c:\boot\bcd

error imaging drive c:

"the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"

What do I do? Was my WinPE media assembled incorrectly? I tried doing a repair w/ command prompt. Also what should happen when I boot if I make the WinPE media correctly?
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Did you look at drives? If you prepared image with Windows setup, then usually C: drive represent system partition, large around 100MB+. Look on which partition is Windows folder (maybe D:) and try to capture this drive.


I did a reformat, and now winPE has correctly started.

Now I can't connect to the share. The share computer cant ping the winPE computer. I can ping from winPE, to the shared machine though (Server 2008 R2). Is there a firewall enabled in winPE?

They are def in the same workgroup too.

What networking features do I have to enable for winPE to work with a share? I was able to connect to the share before, I did a reinstall on the image machine.

Like I said, I can ping from share PC (server 2008 r2) to WinPE, but not from winPE to share. After I enter in the credentials it says

The user supplied context is invalid..

Try to enter username like this:
Enter the user name for <SERVER>: <domain>\username
Or if you are in workgroup:
Enter the user name for <SERVER>: <server>\username


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