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NX Client connects to Ubuntu server,but fails to display KDE (GUI)

ictr-ri asked
I have an Ubuntu server running freenx server 0.7.3 in a KDE environment and the NX client is installed on a Windows 7 machine. When I try to connect to the server as the primary user I created using the NX Client, the user is authenticated using the default key and the session information is downloaded.  After the connection is established, the black parent window along with the Terminal window pops up. The GUI(KDE) is not displayed.

My question is what are the configuration changes to be done in order to display the GUI (KDE) or any other libraries to be added to the freenx server? “
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You have to tell the freenx server to actually launch a window manager when it starts up, otherwise it will just give you a basic X-windows display.

If you already have KDE running on the Ubuntu server, and you want to attach to that RUNNING KDE (not open a new session) then I suggest you get x11vnc.  This can be started up in an ssh session on the server, and then you simply connect from the client via any free vncviewer client.

If you want to run a fully new instance of the graphical environment in the NX server, then you will need to find its startup rc file and tell it to exec the "startkde" script when it fires up.


Thank You for your reply! When the Basic X-Window along with the terminal window pops up, every time I have to type the command “startkde” in the terminal to get the KDE.

Also I made the changes in the node.conf file i.e COMMAND_START_KDE=’/usr/bin/startkde’ to execute the KDE when it starts. But still I am not able to get the KDE automatically.

Is there any specific configuration file that needs to be changed to start the KDE automatically?
Can you please attach the NX log file so we can see if its even trying to launch it?  Use the "file" link below the text entry box.


Needs more troubleshooting.