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Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise and Demotion of It

donebert asked
Thanks in Advance, I had a windows 2000 domain, I had the Primary DC and a Exchange Server 2003 enterprise running on Windows 2000. However I added new 2003 DC and Backup, Once everything transferred I demoted the 2000 servers to be Members. However when we Demoted the Exchange Server it removed the Active Directory user and Computers. therefore I can't create new exchange mailboxes etc. Not sure what to do. However I can use the MMC snap in and add the Active Directory and Users, But it doesn't have the capability to create Exchange Mailboxes. Exchange server works and there is a Exchange Connector, But nothing else. I don't know how to get that back?
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Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

Are you saying you had a single server that was both an exchange server AND a domain controller and then you demoted the server from the domain?


a) Never run exchange on a DC, far too many problems
b) Never demote a DC that has exchange on it


No I had 2 Servers  A Primary and a Backup. the backup was the Exchange Server. Basically it had the Active Directory Users 2003 interface to allow me to create mailboxes. So there were 2
Technical Development Lead
You said you "Demoted" the exchange server? So was it a domain controller??


Yes I figured out the problem I started a install of exchange and did a change of exchange install removed exchange system tools and reinstalled exchange tools I now works when creating a user however I can no longer right click on user and select exchange tasks