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Optiplex 320 Onboard Video for SBS2003

Any ideas as to where I can find a driver that will work?  Haven't had any luck with the ones on the Dell website.  Thanks.
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Two questions:  

1.  Why is the standard VGA driver insufficient?

2.  Why are you running SBS on a desktop computer?

Did you try to execute the driver install program in WIndows XP compatibility mode?

Fl_flyfishing not everybody has enough money to buy the proper material. Sometime we need to imporovise, and I think he know that is a great risk when use a desktop PC as server, but....

Sorry for the latent response.  The desktop is required for a swing migration, by no means will it be a production server.  I managed to circumvent the issue in the meantime by booting into VGA mode.  Thanks for the help though!
Then the issue is not really SBS 2003, but in fact Server 2003, and VGA is more than sufficient for either.


I fixed it
Some indication of the steps involved may help others on this forum.