Unable to register NPS with Active Directory

We are trying to register an NPS server, but are running into an issue where the option for "Register server in Active Directory" is greyed out and unusable.  For reference, this is on Server 2008R2, on a DC.  Happy to provide any other details that might assist.  

We've attempted a bit of research on this, but information on this particular scenario seems scarce.  Any assistance/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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sgdoughtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried using the netsh command as described here:

Are you logged in as a domain admin when trying to perform this function?
Geo_ITAuthor Commented:
Yes, definitely logged in as domain admin.
Geo_ITAuthor Commented:
Well, color me sheepish.  I guess I assumed that there was a problem and didn't run the netsh command, but that did the trick.  Thanks a lot Scott!
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