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Exmon reports one user with 80%+ CPU%

Wildgen asked
I am using the Exmon tool with Exchanage 2007 to report high usage.  I have one user that is continuing to report 70-90% store CPU% consumed.  This user has multiple EAS devices 3-4 and a laptop connected.  The next highest user is at 1-2%.  What might account for this great difference?
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It seems that something is in looping into some device.

I had a similar issue, when a user had hos Outlook in looping and it consumed everything on my server.

A way of getting the responsible for it is.

1 - Shutdown all EAS devices from this user and start monitoring;
2 - If with just Outlook running it consumes much CPU? If yes, problem with the Outlook Client;if not continue;
3 - Turn on 1 of EAS devices. If it consumes much CPU? If yes, problem with this EAS Device;if not continue;

Keep doing this to isolate, after find the device responsible for this, try to see if there any difference among them and correct using same config, version or updates.

Let me know if it helped you.


Went through the suggestion but believe it turned out to be a Blackberry the user also uses.