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Conflict between Forms Builder 6i and R12

Good afternoon.

We have a Citrix Presetnation Server 4.5 server on Windows Server 2003 setup with multiple applications for our Oracle developers, which they access via a remote desktop session via ICA to the server.

The server has two versions of Forms Builder installed -- 6i ( and R12 ( The developers need the default to be 6i, but, sometimes, R12 takes over as the default. The effected developers need to logout / login, then 6i is the default again, but can anyone help explain why this happens, so that the occurrences can be mitigated or eliminated?

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Check if the default icons path is been set to 6i :
default.icons.iconpath=http://your_IP:7778/forms/icons (pass it to 6i if not)


Thanks for the update. Looks promising, but I'm not that much of an expert with Forms Builder -- where would I find this setting (default.icons.iconpath)?
Sorry for the delay  , please refer this doc from OTN :