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Need screen saver or app that displays the current date 16 years ago

Tony Giangreco
I need a way to display the date 16 years back every day... a dymanic date shown on the desktop to the user so she knows the date 16 years ago. It must update daily. This can be an app or website. There should be no input required by the user. They are brainless...

This is to provide quick verifycation for kids trying to gain access to services only available to ages 16 and older.
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Sean ScissorsProgram Analyst II

Using something like the option below you should be able to just set the date to 16 years ago from when you install it and from then on it will not automatically update to the present day but instead stay exactly 16 years behind.


If that doesn't work I can see what other kind of programs there are.


I've downloaded and installed it to test. I don't see any option to tell it to display the date 16 years ago. It allows you to select a specific date, but the 16 year ago date moves one daya ahead every day. It must calculate that date and display it. Just like the 21 year old calendar that says "You must be born after this date to by alcholic beverages".
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I've got to comment ==> If you're hiring folks who can't subtract 16 from the current year ... you should reconsider the intellectual requirements for your employees !!!

[I know you said "... They are brainless... "]

However ... if you really want to use a PC to display the info ...

(1)  Write a simple Visual Basic program to display the date 16 years ago


(2)  Simply use an Excel spreadsheet to display it.   For example, if you put =today() in a cell (say B1), it will show today's date.     You can then use =year(B1) to get the current year;  =month(B1) to get the current month; and =day(B1) to get the current day#.     You could then simply display these values in nice large bold type in 3 cells (using =year(B1)-16 for the year.

So for today, it would display   6  12  1995


(3) Buy a simple clock that displays the year/month/date and set it 16 years in the past :-)
[http://www.spemall.com/Beautiful-Blue-LED-Flash-Clock-for-Year-Month-Date-Time-Temperature-Display_g.html ]
Sean ScissorsProgram Analyst II

I have searched and searched and there really is no easy desktop solution. There are devices you can buy but really the most common thing is inputting a birthdate and then it calculates the year. If they aren't too brainless to get a birthday, then they could do that. That is very easy to find and free.
Danny ChildIT Manager
If you use BGinfo to generate the wallpaper, and the Custom field, you should be able to show the time 16 years ago.

you just need a script or process to produce the time value...


Hi DanCh99,

I;ve installed and tested BgInfo on my desktop and found a way to display the date 16 years ago. In the forum on that site, it was suggested to use this code which works great:
' Special BGInfo Script
' ID Date v1.1
' Programmed by WindowsStar - Free to Use 2011
' ---------------------------------------------
Echo DateAdd("yyyy", -16, Date())

The only problem I have on the client Pc is when I go to save it, I get this error: An error occured while attempting to set the new desktop settings. Please ensure the user has rights to change the desktop settings. This program is blocked by group policy.

I'm logged on as the admin (administrator level in Users and I turned User Access Control off).


Hi garycase,

Using your suggestion, I've creatd a quick spreadsheet that appears to be the best solution. My next question is now do I change the mont to display in text like Dec 10, 2011

Right now it's 12/11/2011
the 16 year date displays 12/11/1995


Hi Garycase,

Sorry for the question... I found the solution. I haven't done date formatting in a while, but I found it under formats.


The BgInfo app only displayed the same date but would not display the curent date. gary had the best solution to s difficult request.