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SRSS:  Current / Last Fiscal Year Sum Calculation?

Hi EE,
I’m new to SQL Server Reporting Services but what I’m trying to achieve is creating a field on the report that looks at a total sum of product sold in the Current Fiscal Year (Starting 01-05-2011 to 30/11/2011) and then also have second field which looks at the a total sum of product sold for Last Fiscal Year (Starting 01-05-2010 to 30/11/2010) the end dates for both would then change to last day of Current December \ Last December  when we get into January and so on.
Has anyone done anything like this before in SRSS
Thank you for all you Help in Advance :)
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what you are asking for is best to make as a stored procedure with the parameters
of your begin and end dates. With the parameters you are not forcing yourself to only just one kind of report.
With the parameters you can do it by the year , the month, the week , or even the day.
The parameters are passed from the report to the SP and the query returns back to the report the answers you need to fill the report.
Mark WillsTopic Advisor, Page Editor
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Yep, would agree.

Create the Stored Procedure to output all the columns you need - let the stored procedure do all the procedural work for you, so, your report is much more simplified...