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New domain getting blacklisted

DEFclub asked
I've created a new domain name space in exchange e.g. company-BUname.com, and users are sends as that domain externally. It appears that that newely created domain is getting blacklisted. We bought the domain name created a MX record and pointed it to our gateway.. What else needs to be done or anyone have ideas as to why its getting blacklisted on particular blacklists?
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There is many thing as SPF, reverse IP and a lot of stuff.

For SPF, use this MS Wizard: http://www.microsoft.com/mscorp/safety/content/technologies/senderid/wizard/

For Reverse IP, contact your IP Provider and ask them to add a reverse IP for your new mail domain;

For more info about SenderID, please check: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa996295.aspx

Let me know if it helped you.
Kent WSr. Network / Systems Admin

It would really help to know which lists it's landing on.  Normally, a domain can only land on a spam-house / web filter list, which is unusual unless that domain did a LOT of spamming and shady stuff.

More then likely, this has to do with MX records, rDNS settings, DKIM / SPF publishing, etc.

Check that the IP you are sending mail from this domain with is listed in the SPF records you may be publishing, that rDNS for the IP is set (and best to set it to match the forward dns or whatever you have your outgoing SMTP server sending domain set to).  

There are so many different things, and combinations of things that can cause this, you would almost certainly have to give examples, the actual error or reason codes, and (I suspect) if the issue is your deliver from the domain to other mail servers, or (more unlikely) your receiving email to that domain.

More info needed to actually help. :)


Ok it doesnt appear to be on any blacklists. It looks like the emails from my new domain are getting tagged as spam, but I dont have a way to determine the scoring to determine what scoring the highest. I have reverse IP, reverse DNS and dont use SPF.. Any site that I can send an email to or check how an email scores ?
Sr. Network / Systems Admin
The IP you are sending from, you can check against blacklists here:

Who's spam box are they ending up in?  If Yahoo, Aol, etc, you will need to setup a feedback look...they don't allow unknown / new domains to bypass the spam box, and you usually have to setup at least a feedback look, if not DKIM.  

Each spam algorithm is different,  you can't really get a score...basically, you probably have 1 or two issues you need to address that's causing the majority of these.  Your best bet is to maybe setup a temporary test email address with, say, yahoo, if that's one you are having problems with.

As stated, Yahoo, Aol, are notorious for making you jump through hoops, but if basically all your email is getting tagged as spam, start looking at things like who your SMTP server is saying it is on outbound connections (mail.company.com?) and have the rDNS match.  Your MX records should be published externally and make sense to external users (no mail.domain.local, etc.).  If you don't have valid MX records publishes, even if mail is making it by virtue of your mail domain happens to resolve to your mail server, you will still get a "domain doesn't contain valid MX records" errors.

you can do some diagnostics here...there are other sites that test different things, also...so google around to test your setup, one may point you in the right direction.
In my opinion, you must do everything which is known as Best Practices and then try to troubleshoot if something is not working as expected.

So, create your SPF and if your problem continue to happen, bring more info to this forum.

Let me know if it helped you.


Thxs guys