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.htaccess: page refers but is missing all of the images

rmmarsh asked
I have a website that occassionally gets a 404 error.  So, I modified .htaccess to trap the 404 error and redirect ot a page to explain what happened.  My problem is the redirection is working fine, but the images for that error page are not showing.  

The website is: pragersoftware.com
The page that will cause the error is: http://pragersoftware.com/clickCounter/stats.php (click on the second line)
The page to handle the errors is:  pragersoftware.com/error404Handler.htm
My .htaccess code is:  ErrorDocument 404 /error404Handler.htm

How can I fix this?
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In your error404Handler.htm you need to check the paths to the images can be located relative to the root directory of your website.

e.g. if you have C:\Somewhere\doc.png for your path in your html file the webserver is not going to find it.

If from your error404Handler.htm directory your image directory is ../images then the path should be ../images/doc.png

The other issue could be that there is no access to the images directory depending on what it is.  You can check this by looking in the error log for the apache server.


Thank you... so easy when you know what you're doing! :D