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Running vb6 on Windoes 7 Windows XP Mode

Phil Chapman
Phil Chapman asked
I installed vb6 on my Windows 7 in Windows XP Mode.  I put the source code on the Windows 7 C:\Source Code\CW_V8 folder.  I then shared the C:\Source Code folder.
In the Windows XP Mode I then mapped drive G: to the Windows 7 C:\Source Code folder
In vb6 I click on file and select
G:\cw_v8\ActiveXs\Account Balance\Group1.vbg  ( Which is just like it should be )
I then get a Microsoft Visual Basic error
Path not found: `\\TSCLIENT\C\CW_V8\ActiveXs\Account Balance\Group1.vbg`

Thanks in advance for any help you might could give.
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Systems Administrator
make sure your networking for XP Mode is set for <name of local network connection>, and not "Shared" or "Internal network"


I found you don't even have to share or map the folder just go to the Drive on Computer Name.