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Lync client policies

DDCO asked
Quick question on Lync server 2010. I am ready to install a few clients and test, but I am unsure of where to make the GPO settings? Is this done on the server (local GPO) or the domain? Also, do you have to make the gpo edits or is going through the Lync shell a better way to do it?

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Another quick one and if this need to go in another forum I will do so:
the default sql database that get installed locally, is it possible to move that to a dedicated sql server
With regards to the GPO, what do you want to accomplish? Lync Client policies are pushed inband from the Lync server. With regards to moving the database, There is a central management store that can be moved (more easy info on http://www.confusedamused.com/notebook/moving-the-lync-central-management-store/) Lync also always has a local copy of data that will reside on the same server (replicated database) where the Lync role like frontend, edge, mediation etc. is installed


I am referring to the client policies. I got this from the deploy guide:

There are several client bootstrapping policies that you should configure before users sign in to the server for the first time. Because these policies take effect before the client signs in and begins receiving in-band provisioning settings from the server, you can use Group Policy to configure them. One way to define Group Policy settings is by using an administrative template (.adm) file, which contains specific information about the Group Policy settings the client implements, where policies are stored, and how to configure policies.

Is configuring them via the gpo not the way to go?
I have done many deployments and never used those policies. I know they where the only way to go in OCS2007, but with Lync, if the Dns records are right, so the Lync client can automatically find the Lync server and the certificate issued to the Lync server is trusted by the client (which it is if the certificate was issued by a domain CA and the client computer is joined in that domain) it will automatically get the inband policies. The only place where i use the gpo is for enabling client QoS and if needed pushing the certificate authority root certificate, but not for Lync client related settings.

Anyone else other ideas?


My apologies for leaving this out there so long.
I did not configure any gpo policies. I did a basic install and it is up and working.