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Extract data from URL


Objective: extract data stored in an URL

a)URL: http://www.site.com/folder/file?variableA=A1A2A3B9B7B6C4C5C6&variableB=Z1Z2Z3X9X7X6Y4Y5Y6&startDate=2011-11-01&endDate=2011-11-30

Data to extract from:
- name after the "?"  
- variableA
- variableB
- startDate
- endDate

Values to return:
- file
- A1A2A3B9B7B6C4C5C6
- Z1Z2Z3X9X7X6Y4Y5Y6
- 2011-11-01
- 2011-11-30

Note: the values except the dates can be of different length

Thanks very much in advance for the time you take to review this question

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Most Valuable Expert 2013

Hello fredericgilbert, see attached formula solution with this formula in B4

=TRIM(RIGHT(SUBSTITUTE(LEFT(A1,FIND("?",A1)-1),"/",REPT(" ",99)),99))

the following formula in B5 copied to B6


and this formula in B7 copied to B8


Note: I removed the ":" from A7 and A8.....

regards, barry
Top Expert 2010
Another approach, assuming the first URL is in a1.

1) Add the regexpfindsubmatch function from my article http://www.experts-exchange.com/A_1336.html

2) Use a formula like this:


That approach works for variableA, variableB, startDate, and endDate. For "name before?":


Another UDF..

Function XTRACT(r As Range, Pos As Long) As String
    Dim x
    x = Split(r.Value, "=")
    XTRACT = Split(x(Pos), "&")(0)
End Function

In B2 and copied across,




Hi all,

first, thanks to all for your time.
I have tested your solutions.

Here are my takes:

To barryhoudini: your solution works OK but requires too much steps to fit into a production environment.  I need simplicity when getting things done. Don't get me wrong, you are an expert and I am not. Thanks for your contribution.

To krishnarkc: the ultimately simple solution. However, in this case, simple means less precise.
If I need to extract only one specific element from a very long url, your function requires to extract everything at first.
Nevertheless, I will keep this one handy as it is one of most simple excel function for "quick and dirty" extraction purposes I came across. Kudo!

To matthewspatrick: perfection is always self-reinforcing. Armed with your provided solution and explanations, I will be able to adapt it to many usages in the future. Also, thanks for the time you took to build that in-depth article. You earned my vote and I accept your solution.  



Hi MatthewsPatrick,

Well done!
Also, I will study carefully the article in reference.




you could try

=XTRACT($A2,2) for second element

=XTRACT($A2,4) for 4th

Most Valuable Expert 2013

Hello FG,

Appreciate your honest feedback - I suspected that you would want a more streamlined approach - Patrick is your man for regex solutions as you correctly identified - added mine as a possible option...and I enjoyed the challenge.

Yours is a model approach to question asking, I think. Concise, clear question, with examples (a crucial element that many miss) and a considered evaluation of the suggested solutions. If I could give points for questions rather than answers you'd get the maximum here! Thank you

regards, barry