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Dephi Email Autoresponse with data from SQL

Looking for resources, ideas, experiences, components, units, third party solutions, etc. to help me get down the road with a new project which is an email autoresponse system that responds back with status data based on a common ID number in the subject line.

Here is how it might work:

1) We setup a dedicated email account to receive emails from a customer.  
3) Customer sends email to that account with common ID number in subject line.
4) Return email address and common ID number are extracted from email for processing.
5) System retrieves status information from our SQL database based on dedicated email account it was sent to (to identify which customer) and common ID number to identify specific order they want status on.
6) System sends status information back to the requestor in an autogenerated return email with status in the body of the email or attachment.

Current System details:
Exhange 2010, SQL 2005, Delphi XE2 or prior, Windows hyper-v environment.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.
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Software Engineer

Here is the idea (The actual downloading and sending emails should be trivial)

You can use Indy components to read the mail from your server TidPop3).

Create a service that retrieves new mail with a frequency of your choice (every 10 minutes).

You can then simply extract the information you need from the email, process it and send the response with Indy (TidSMTP)  
Geert GOracle dba
Top Expert 2009

wouldn't creating a website be simpler ?

> login form
> input form with common id number
> return output

you don't need email ... :)


Geert Gruwez -
Thanks for input.  We already have web site.  Not mobile friendly enough and dealing with large group of third party stakeholders, potentialy thousands, that we do not want to deal with user login authentication.  At least with email we can tell who is sending the inquiry and allow based on the domain sent from and the email they sent the request to.
Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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