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Transferring data from HTML5 manifested web app localstorage into remote SQL Server

Hi Guys,

I have a great project that I will be getting my teeth into in the new year which involves developing a manifested HTML5 web app for the iPad. This will store user data using local storage.

So just to confirm, the app will be used locally and potentially off line.

What the solution will also provide is a means of the user backing up the data within local storage into SQL Server on a web server when a web connection is available.

Can you recommend an efficient method of transferring this data between the web app and asp.net interface and finally into SQL Server.

The transfer method would need to handle approximately 5MB of data (the default for Safari local storage) and be secure and as reliable as their internet connection allows it to be.

Your thoughts/opinions would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Web Service / Soap protocol?


Hi Madgino,

Appologise for the delay.

Would soap work purely client side without the aid of a web server? The reason I ask is that the HTML5 web app will be accessing its manifest locally.

Just to clarify my model... I need something purely client side to push the data stored in local storage to a remote server at which point my service on the remote server will process the recieved data.


You will need a library on the client too to connect to the web service, here are some answers:


Brilliant thanks.