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old "Default Offline Address List"

johnj_01201 asked
We have a semi functional 2007 Exchaneg Server (server#1) and about a year ago added a new Exchange 2007 server (server2) and things did not completely move to server#2. I found that the "Default Offline Address List" is set to TRUE for the "Default OAB" and the "OAB Server2" is set to False. Server#1 is hardly ever running.
What would happen if I told Exchange to use Server#2 as the DefaultOAB? Will anything change? Will it hurt anything?
The setting is in the Management Console-->Organizational Configuration-->Mailbox
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Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network Consultant
Top Expert 2011

nope , nothing will change if you set to old one , but you need to remove other offline address books that you don't use them :

see here

Operations Delivery Manager
When you tell Exchange to use Server#2 as the DefaultOAB, Nothing will hurt but only the users on the server2 which also shows up in GAL would show up in the OAB.

Also note You just have to change the OAB Generating server to the server you want and make sure that server has the Proper GAL and other address list which you want to include in that OAB. You may or may not remove the OLD OAB as per your requirement