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Windows 2008 DFS Replication problem

I have implemented DFS in my organization, and it has been working fine until recently when a user pointed out that a certain folder only exists on one of the replicated servers.

There are four DFS target servers and one server that is hosting the namespace.  One target server is at the HQ office and the other three are at remote offices.  The namespace is not integrated with active directory.

I am using a mesh replication topology where each server replicates to every other server.

Each server can resolve the names of the others with no problems.

One of the target servers is presently offline because the office where it is located is presently moving to a new location.  With the exception of this one offline server, each server can ping all other servers.

I don't see anything that looks to be of importance in any of the event logs.  I ran a DFS diagnostics report and it shows that the test is in a pending state after 16 minutes.  For the server that is currently offline, I see this error message which is expected:

Error: Member DFS-REMOTE-01.lpgaoffice : Cannot open test file on the member. The network path was not found.

For the other two servers, the replication status says "Arrival pending".

The DFS services and netlogon services are running on all of the servers.

I tried to check the staging folder, but I could only open it on one of the servers, the other two gave me an access denied error message.  All of the staging folders are set to 4 GB and the one I was able to open had approx 2.8 GB of data in it.

In addition to the diagnostics, I also tried creating a blank text file on one server and it did not replicate to the other servers.

All servers are Win 2008 R2.

Any ideas on what I should check next?
Windows Server 2008

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8/22/2022 - Mon
Paul MacDonald

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I restarted the DFS replication services, and that did not seem to make any type of impact.  I am not at a point where I can reboot these servers right now, but I will schedule a reboot to take place later this evening and see if that makes a difference.
Maen Abu-Tabanjeh

Launch ADSI Edit on domain controller

2. Connect to Default naming context

3. Expand and navigate to the node
CN=SYSVOL Subscription,CN=Domain System Volume, CN=DFSR-LocalSettings, CN=<DC NAME>, OU=Domain Controllers, DC=<domainname>, DC=com
The root path is stored in the msDFSR-RootPath attribute of the msDFSR-Subscription object, please change the path from “\\?\C:\Windows\SYSVOL\domain” to "C:\Windows\SYSVOL\domain"  (i.e just remove \\?\ from the path) for all effected Domain Controllers object with ADSI Edit.
4. Then you may launch the DFS management console to check if the path of Domain System Volume shows as  “C:\Windows\SYSVOL\domain"

rebooting fixed the problem
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