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slow pdf printing in ie8

we have 5 workstations. All workstations are printing pdf fine in ie8 except one. ie8 would freeze for good 2 minutes before it starts launching adobe reader and print. All workstations have the same software and settings. I've tried using different versions of adobe reader and also added the website to the trusted site with low security level. It prints instantly when printing in adobe reader but it doesn't do that in browser. Please help, thank you.

XP sp3, Internet Explorer 8, adobe reader 9.4

*different browser is not an option as it's not supported by the site.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer
Some things to check on:

Check the settings for speculative downloading.

Compare the settings for Adobe Quick Launch from the systems that respond normally to the one that stalls.  Personally, I disable it, but that's just me.

I have also found it useful to disable Adobe updates.  This is more difficult than it sounds, as there are Adobe updaters located in at least four different places.


Check the settings for speculative downloading.

All boxes were checked and internet settings changed to LAN.

Compare the settings for Adobe Quick Launch from the systems that respond normally to the one that stalls.  Personally, I disable it, but that's just me.

not sure where to change the settings.

I have also found it useful to disable Adobe updates.  This is more difficult than it sounds, as there are Adobe updaters located in at least four different places.

We disabled the updater in preferences from the begining.
Would suggest you check following;
reset IE to default if you can, then navigate back to site and see what happens.

Check Adobe Flash, Shockwave, Air, Java etc are all up to date.
Some sites which work via printing to pdf need respective updates installed.
Might account for delay - ie. 5 min - if something is trying to update perhaps silently in the background.

Make sure tools, internet options, advanced tab, look for disable script debugging, make sure is ticked, so will not be active, sometimes might appear as (internet explorer) AND (other).
make sure both are ticked.

If you have checked adobe flash, shockwave, etc java, all up to date, see which printer it is printing to?
Perhaps the driver or settings are different to the other pc's you have?

Let me know.


We didn't install flash, shockwave and Air. Java version is up to the site requirement.
disable script debugging for ie and other are both ticked.
updated the printer with the latest printer driver.
Is it possible to download the pdf file and verify the file size?
Also what kind of printers are you using (also how do the users print the actual printer?)
Do users print directly or via server?


it will hang for 2minutes + regardless of the file size.
it is a hp printer. users are printing directly via tcp/ip.
A co-worker who troubleshoots Adobe issues reminded me about this link

Option 1 - Basically, see if you can either downgrade the driver on the one pc which you are having a problem.
Option 2 - manually download the driver for the printer directly from hp, delete the printer on the problem pc , then reinstall using the driver which you just downloaded, now a little tip, I have gone off using windows update to use as a means of drivers - it tends to cause wierd problems, so when you install the printer, you will need to tell it the driver you wish to use ie. point to the downloaded driver.
Try replicate the problem
Option 3 - follow instructions from the attached link, uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader, then try foxit or if not try cutepdf instead.

I've always used HP printers wherever I've worked, from memory we came across this issue (we had around 400+ pc's across a company and intermittently we had this issue a few years back, the guy I worked with spent days and weeks trying to sort it, we think it was an issue with Adobe and the way HP printers spool/generate a print job).

They stopped using Adobe Acrobat Reader for majority of users.

Other option is if the printer supports it, print to email via a HP print server might bypass the problem.
Just simply right click on the Acrob

at reader shortcut and then click properties, then you will see the compatability tab.  From here you select "run this program in compatability mode for Windows 2000" , click apply and click ok and your done.  Don't know why this works, some kind of bug I guess they need to work out.

From the url, old team member sent me the link, worth trying.
We just started having a similar problem after doing Windows updates and Adobe Flash player updates over the weekend.  Acrobat was already up-to-date. Acrobat Reader will either not open a .pdf on a network share, or if the .pdf opens, it will not print:  instead of bringing up the "Print" window, the application closes.

We are running Windows XP SP3 on a Win 2008 R2 domain, with a Win 2003 file server.

I've traced it to a permissions problem.  If we log in as an admin, everything works fine.  If we add "everyone" to the permissions for the acrobat exe, and give it read/write permissions, it works as well.  However, adding those permissions for the domain user changed nothing.

We've returned the permissions to normal, and have disabled "Protected Mode" for now on a limited number of machines.  Hopefully the restricted user rights will prevent any problems.
hey andrew, thanks for your suggestions. I've tried your suggestions but they dont seem to help much.

after doing alot of trial-and-error, I have applied the following settings that seems to work ,well almost.

1. update adobe reader from 9.4 to 10.1.1
2. change the ie8 privacy settings to accept all cookies
3. change the printing quality from 1200dpi to 600dpi

Now the pc usually prints pdf files instantly like all other workstations, but not all the time. Occasionally it would still hang for 2 minutes but that's a rare case. Anyone got any suggestions that might fix it before i close this case?


thanks everyone