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Win XP Message Reads: "Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer"

mxm132 asked
I just bought a replacement Fujitsu SCSI hard disk for my
HP xw6000 workstation. When attempting to install Win XP a
message reads: "Setup did not find any hard disk drives
installed in your computer. make sure any hard disk drives
are powered on and properly connected to your computer and
that any disk related hardware configuration is correct."

The existing Controller is Adaptec AIC -Y7902

Would appreciate any suggestions.

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Joe RudSystems Administrator

You'll need to install the SCSI drivers for your new drive


OK, but how do i go about doing that and which SCSI drivers do I need for the Fujitsu Model:MAT3073NP, as I have not got anywhere with the drivers supplied by HP's website or Fujitsu?


When you say that you "have not got anywhere with the drivers supplied," do you mean that you are still receiving the same error message when you try the install, and if you press the function key combination (I think it's F6) to install the drivers, you're unable to do so?

Ran into that with a different drive issue, and what worked for me was to slipstream the drivers into the install media so that they were present on the disk during the initial install steps.
Joe RudSystems Administrator

I'm having a hard time finding drivers too.

However, take a look at this forum.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

If you have an XW6000 with IDE or SATA ports, it may be simpler to install XP on an IDE or SATA drive, bring it up to current patch level, then do a complete backup.

At that point you have a working system, fully patched, ready to install the SCSI drivers.  If a particular driver fails, you can restore from the backup and have a fresh copy of the system ready to try the next driver, without any of the issues involved with trying to "uninstall" a driver.

Eventually, when a SCSI driver is found that works, clone the system to the new drive, remove the IDE/SATA drive, reset the BIOS to boot from SCSI, and off you go.  As a bonus, you have an IDE/SATA drive with a safe, clean copy of the system as a fail-safe fallback.

I am not fimilar with the HP but I will tell you that scsi devices require a unique address did you set it?  Also most bios has some type of key during boot to get to the scsi bios and test screen.  Hope this gets you in the right direction.
You can rebuild the Windows CD by integrating SCSI Card drivers and disk drivers by using nLite application. This will allow Windows Setup to detect the SCSI card in text mode.

Check the drivers at HP.

Application Link

Guide Link
You can also look at www.eldergeek.com

Has detailed guide on how to make a working customised version of XP boot cd, slipstreaming in the drivers and inf driver files you require.

Useful site.
Thanks guys for all your efforts and quick response.

Tha problem I had when downloading the drives was that the file concerned was not being saved to the brand new floppy disk.

To solve the problem I had to 1st save the driver to my desk top then 2nd copy & save to the floppy disk.

It worked first time!!!!

Learned a great deal here!!