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Where to Purchase Multi-Colored Cat 5E cable

Matthew_B asked
 I am re-wiring a lot of the network cable in my office and I want to use different colored cable Cat 5E cable (i.e. orange, red, yellow, etc). I purchase a lot of my stuff from Newegg.com but when I looked on their web site there was not a lot of colors and except for very short cables. Each cable will need to be at least 100 ft. I can add my own RJ-45 connectors but I would like to try and purchase cables that are already made and been tested.
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Kent WSr. Network / Systems Admin

I get mine from CDW.com, or our local network hardware (Altex locally) has about 20 different colors.
Most larger electronics stores also carry these, but not in as many colors.  Fry's, for instance, has about 5 to choose from.

you can usually find different coloured leads from any where
get some rtj45 crimps and a crimpt tool and then f ollow this
cat 6 usses all 8 cables and you dont usually need cross over cables these days as most devices have auto mdi/mdix
Absolutely do NOT make your own patch cables. It is not worth the effort and mistakes that WILL happen.

I've seen great prices and had success with monoprice.com



All the colors and lengths you may want.
Woops, didn't see you needed it to more than 100ft long.

I wouldn't recommend patch cables 100ft long. I didn't even think you could find them premade! In that case, IanTh is on point. You will have to make cables if you want variety.
Kent WSr. Network / Systems Admin


Pick your length...

get an ethernet test tool if you going to make your own cables I bought mine for £25 of ebay looks like I over paid
mine you my crimp tool was free


The site has great cable options and amazing prices.